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In September of 2005, Barbara Carter and Catherine Allred began the Prayer Shawl Ministry at Alamance Presbyterian Church. At the time, these two close friends were still grieving the loss of another friend, Tookie Starr, who had passed away suddenly in late 2004. Another church had given Tookie a prayer shawl during her hospitalization. The shawl held a deep, spiritual meaning to her family after her passing.  Since then, both Barbara and Catherine have passed away but the ministry they began has continued to bless thousands of families. 

The Prayer Shawl Ministry’s name evolved first to the Knitting Ministry and currently is the APC Knit, Pray, Love Ministry (KPL). Shawls and chemo caps have traveled all over the country as well as outside the USA. The Cancer Center in Greensboro has been given our shawls and caps regularly as well as Hospices of Greensboro and Burlington and of course, a multitude of individuals and families. In addition to prayer shawls and chemo caps, our newest project is creating newborn baby hats for Cone Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Greensboro, NC.  

During COVID restrictions, the KPL ministry has created their loving items from home. Prayers are woven into each and every stitch. Please contact Linda Aydelette for more information about their current meeting schedule.

You can also find us on Facebook:

Please let the Knit, Pray, Love Ministry Team know if you would like for us to share a shawl or cap with someone in your life, or if you would just like for us to pray for your loved ones. As of August 2021, the KPL has donated over 1300 prayer shawls, 1000 chemo caps and over 1400 newborn and baby hats.  God has richly blessed this ministry, andour greatest joy is to share that blessing with others.

“Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might.”  ~  Ecclesiastes 9:10

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