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We would love for you to have your wedding at Alamance Presbyterian Church. You do not have to be a member to have your wedding here, though there are fees for non-members to use our facilities. You can get married in our sanctuary, on our grounds, or host a smaller ceremony in the Coble House. Our pastors, musicians,  Audio/Visual technicians, and wedding director are available to non-members for an additional fee. Ministers from other denominations are welcome to officiate here with prior approval of our church’s Session. For more information on policies and fees, please contact the church office. Our pastors expect every couple being married at Alamance to meet with them for pre-marital counseling and planning.

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Funerals at Alamance are ordinarily scheduled with us through funeral home services. We gladly host funerals for nonmembers. There is no facility fee for a funeral, but there are fees for our pastors and musicians. Ministers from other churches and denominations are welcome to officiate with approval of our church’s session. Please contact the church office to who can refer you to a Cementary Team Member. 

See below for Policies and Fees

Alamance Presbyterian Church Cemetery Policy

Alamance Presbyterian Church Columbarium Policy

Alamance Presbyterian Church End of Life Service and Burial Policy

Alamance Presbyterian Church End of Life Fee Schedule

Alamance Presbyterian Church End of Life Planning Questionaire

Alamance Presbyterian Church Suggestions for End of Life Service Planning

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