Knit, Pray, Love Ministry

To access a simple pattern for a prayer shawl or chemo cap, click one or all of the options below:

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Knit, Pray, Love is a ministry that started in 2005. Currently, Alamance needleworkers knit and crochet shawls, chemo caps, blessing hearts, and many other handmade creations. 

The group meets every third Tuesday

of the month in the church parlor, at 7:15 p.m.

Shawls and chemo caps have traveled all over the country and abroad.  The Cancer Center in Greensboro has been given shawls and caps regularly, as has Hospice of Greensboro and Hospice of Burlington. The Pediatric ICU at Chapel Hill has received some of our creations for their young patients and their parents. 


All are encouraged to tell the Knit, Pray, Love Ministry Team about those in need of their shawls and caps. 


All are welcome to be part of this special ministry team. For more information, feel free to email Linda Aydelette at

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