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The THIN PLACE Gallery

A "thin place" is a place where the veil between the physical world in which we exist is thin, and the perceived senses the existence of the world beyond what is known through our five senses.  Simply put, a thin place is a place where one feels the mysterious power of God.


Once you've been in a thin place and allowed your spirit to absorb that which transcends the senses, all need for definition ceases.  While you're there, time seems to stand still, and there is a communion with the human spirits who have walked there before - and who are yet to walk.  Thin places are all about connection.


Truth abides in thin places: raw, hard-to-face truth.  The strength to face that truth also abides there.  Thin places captivate our imagination.  At thin places, we become part of something larger than we can perceive.  Our spirits are awakened and will grow if our bodies and minds allow.


[Freely adapted from the article "Walking through Thin Places" by Mindie Burgoyne; Copyright, 2001, 2007 by Trinity Publications; from]


The Thin Place Gallery is a special place used to exhibit any form or style of artwork that provides a connection to faith, the church, social justice issues, and more.   It's limitless.  We share paintings, photos of past church events, artwork from our church community, and will also incorporate dynamic forms of art where people passing by can interact and add to the exhibit.


You can find the gallery located between the Gathering Room and the sanctuary.  For more information, contact Scott Neely, Director of Youth & Community Outreach at

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